A Review Of The Texas State Fair

dallas-state-fair-parkThis is an annual state fair that is held for 24 days in Dallas, Texas in the historic Fair Park that is well known for its creative and beautiful landscape as well as a unique collection of architecture.The Texas state fair begins on the last Friday of September and closes 24 days later. In 2013, the Texas state fair will commence on the 27th September and end on the 20th of October.

Formerly owned by a private corporation, this fair became an immediate success that attracted a lot of people all over America and the world as well. It was only after several events that this fair was sold to the City of Dallas after its creation due to some financial constraints.It was agreed upon then that the city should set aside 24 days during fall to hold the fair and its exhibitions which had become quite popular at the time.

What Is The Procedure Of Getting Into The Fair?

Even though it costs about $16 on average to enter the fair, there are special occasions where revelers can pay less when it comes to the admission fees. There are various discount and deals that can help people save on the amount of admission fees requested. For instance in 2012, people who came with some food to help the area food banks got in at a lesser fee. You can bring along various items that have been previously advertised such as Coca Cola or Dr Peppers’ Can and access the fair for free. Seniors who are 60 years and up pay about $12 as children who are aged 3 up to 48” tall. You can spend the money saved on your admission fee on food or other games midway.

Fun Things To Do In The Texas State Fair

There are certainly a lot of things that you can do while visiting this recreational fair as this place offers both fun and food for the entire family.

african american museumThere are different exhibits and attractions during the 24 days that you can visit daily. Ranging from educational complexes such as the African American Museum, the Continental DAR House or the Children’s Aquarium which both the young and old can learn a thing or two from, you can also find competitive activities here as well. This park holds 6 performance venues and 8 museums not forgetting a lot of venues and facilities that people can enjoy visiting and using.More specifically, the Texas State Fair is famously known for being the home of Big Tex, fried foods, the Texas Star, annual Red River Rivalry, breathtaking full blown auto shows, livestock and fall garden shows.

What is in it for your children?

Ranging from free to paid events, your children can enjoy engaging in different and interesting activities and shows.

Among the free events, the Pee Wee Stampede is a place that would interest your little ones. This free Ranch Arena is hosted daily where children with hats and chaps jump on stick horses and go round several times as dirt flies all over as it does in real ranches when grown folks ride horses.

The midway is also a great place to take children as it offers more than 70 attractions including the famous Texas Star which is classified as the tallest Ferris wheel in the Southwest, a 1914 Dentzel carousel and the Texas SkyWay. For grown up folks who might enjoy extreme rides and a bit of adrenaline rushes, the Thrillway section is the place to visit while you are at the Texas State Fair.

Texas StarIf your children enjoy watching and making arts, the Creative Arts section might be of interest to them. Here you can find a lot of varied exhibits that include but not limited to canning, photography, quilts and crafts. There are also daily contests that they can take a place in to win some exciting prices. It is also free to access this section.

For small and tiny fair guests, there are more than 50 amusement rides that are safe and enjoyable for them to ride on. You can find these on the Kidway section and many more activities that are family friendly including puppet shows, storytelling tents.

Grown Folks can enjoy…

…plenty of drinks and food. The recent past has seen the Fair introduce and emphasize on unique and high fat foods. When it comes to food categories, you can find some of the most unusual deep-fried items from Twinkies, Candies to cheesecake. Every now and then you can find new types of friend foods on their food list. There are also different competitions that are held to this effect and the winners of the most creative and best tasting meals walk away with an award.

For music lovers, there are free concerts that people can attend and purchase records as well. You can also find street entertainment in the Fair that draws huge crowds. The Mapapa African Acrobats can be seen daily and with your Fair admission, you can view their shows for free.

From canine dogs shows to pig shows, you can watch free demonstrations on the agility and skills of different animals in this Fair. It is also interesting to watch and learn how different animals react to certain stimuli.

To see both classic and modern auto mobiles, visit the Classic Coral where you can meet and join different motor clubs. Like the Classic BMX Bike ShowCorral, entering the BMX Bike show is free as well. Here you can see different action sport teams performing fascinating gravity-defying feats.

There are certainly hundreds of things that you see and so many places that you visit in a period of 3week at the Texas State Fair. As this fair takes place only once every year, you can expect to experience interesting things, have fun and learn a little or a lot while on it.

Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

Save for the fact that the Texas State Fair can be too crowded; it is definitely a great place to visit when you have the time to do that. What makes it special is that you can find a lot of activities that the whole family can engage in without having to compromise on anyone’s fun.

As there are many museums and fun learning centers, you can be guaranteed that your little ones while learn a few things after their visit to this state Fair.

While it can be costly to access some sections of this fair, there are many ways that you can save money with. You need to watch on the items whose companies are sponsoring this event and try to collect some of them before the fair begins because who knows, you could get in certain sections for free including the fair itself.

This video is a quick highlight tour of the fair. It’s so large that it takes several days to explore everything it has to offer:

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